Nieuwenborg Solit Solutions stands for customized ICT. Customization includes combining products and services, so that your ICT solution that perfectly fits your specific needs.
Making the right combinations is our strength. Below is a small selection of our possibilities.

Serveronderhoud en ondersteuning

Server maintenance and support

With our specialized knowledge of both Linux and Windows, we can provide support through our own platforms or your own. Active monitoring by Zabbix enables us to keep all processes that are important to your business under control and to deal with any server problems proactively.

Virtualisatie-/cloud platform

Virtualization / Cloud platform

The basis for the ICT environment is the platform on which everything runs. Whether this is one server or several, it is important that it all runs steadilky. We have extensive knowledge of modern virtualization software such as VMware, HyperV and XenCenter. It allows us to create a stable, customized platform with associated backup and restoration plans.

Redhat Enterprise Linux

Enterprise Linux

Linux offers maximum stability and reduces licensing costs. Various Linux distributions are supported by us, such as Redhat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Suse, Ubuntu and Debian. Nieuwenborg Solit Solutions offers you expertise in numerous Linux solutions, such as Zarafa, ownCloud, Apache, Mysql, Nginx, XWiki and Samba4.



Kopano combines all business communication and sharing features into a single integrated software solution. Both on PC and mobile, whether in the a cloud or not. Kopano is the perfect solution for sharing large files and holding online meetings and video conferences.

Cloud oplossingen

Cloud solutions

With the cloud solutions that Nieuwenborg Solit Solutions offers you will enjoy benefits such as: minimal downtime, complete scalability, optimal security and cost savings. Public, private or a combination of both. Also desktop and web-based cloud environments. All with off-the-shelf’ components, or completely custom made.

VOIP telefonie

VOIP Telephony

Your smart telephone exchange in the cloud ensure both ‘fixed’ lines and mobile accessibility, or calls from your desktop. Available everywhere, location-independent and no call charges whatsoever between the various locations of your branch organization.

ICT manager as a service

ICT Manager ‘as a service’

No ICT Manager in your organization? Then Nieuwenborg Solit Solutions can fill this gap, with personal contact and short lines of communication in understandable language for board of directors / management. If required, we develop the entire ICT masterplan and fill it in for you. Complete ICT care, based on your objectives and quality.


Network infrastructure

You must be able to fully trust the quality of your data network. Whether it’s the local infrastructure or (VPN) connections between locations and systems, Nieuwenborg Solit Solutions recommends and configures the network with the right switches, routers, firewalls, cabling and other hardware. We are not proprietary, but offer all common systems, such as Cisco, Juniper and Zyxel so you are always assured of the best possible solution.



Mattermost helps you and your teams increase productivity by delivering real-time chat in team-based communication channels. It provides the ability to securely share information, files and content from dozens of your commonly used business applications instantly.
Mattermost connects easily to 3rd party applications and systems like Gitlab, Jira Jenkins, Nagios, Zabbix, Kopano and a lot more!